What is Time Traders Club?

Time Traders Club is a collaborative, skills & knowledge exchange for creative solo entrepreneurs looking to reach an audience largely online.

It includes a Time Bank that allows members to trade skills and expertise without spending money – instead they trade ‘time credits’, an hour for an hour, where everybody’s time is worth the same.

Our time bank is different in that WE focus on what people do rather than where they are. We are the first global time bank aimed purely at solopreneurs and online businesses.

Time Traders Club was created on the basis that:

  • We can’t do it alone.
  • We are most successful when you spend more time in your zone of brilliance.
  • By helping each other we all succeed.
  • That our knowledge and experience is worth a lot - and that we should expect a fair exchange for that knowledge.
  • That we don’t always need help, but when we do we need it NOW!
  • If we see other solopreneurs as competition, TTC is not for us.
  • If we see solopreneurship as freedom to make a living on our own terms and we want to help others achieve the same freedom, TTC is definitely for me.

Great Expectations

If you join TTC you should do so with an expectation of participation and giving. As a member you must be willing to help other members when they need it. This is a private members club with certain responsibilities of being a member:

Treat other members how you would wish to be treated. For example, it is not acceptable to NOT answer a request. If you cannot provide help because of time pressures, that’s fine - just say so. That is acceptable.

We will - and have - removed people who don’t act in accordance with the Time Traders Club ethos. We don’t want people who are there just to prey on our members - and that includes spamming.

As a business owner you will benefit because:

[See our webinar on   "How To Get Help in Your Business Without Spending a Dime"

  • Spend more time your zone of brilliance
  • Get the help YOU need – especially in the early stages – without having to spend money.
  • Hone your business practices
  • Get referrals/testimonials/social proof early on
  • Finding new clients and/or team members
  • Help others work in their zones of brilliance - pay forward the success you gain

Different Levels of Membership to Suit Your Needs

Free Membership allows you access to the TTC Private Facebook Group where you can ask and answer questions, but you cannot record trades or have a profile on the main site where people can find you in searches.

Basic Annual Membership ($36 per year) gives you access to the site and allows you to record trades and earn/spend credits.

Lab Membership ($19 per month)gives you access to workshops, classes and other materials that will help you in your business.

Expert level (invite only - $67 per month) allows you to contribute to those classes and be seen as an expert in your particular field. You also can have your own products, classes and events promoted to the rest of the membership, joint affiliate promotions etc.

On Demand Coaching With Meredith ($2400 per year)

If you need a personal marketing plan you can stick to, and that is as automated as possible, or you need on-demand email-me-anytime accountability and coaching - click here.

Empowered By The Internet (?)

The growing power and ease of the internet should empower you to do what you love doing - and make a living doing it. But the internet minefield kills the hopes of millions through not knowing how to navigate it - or knowing which path to follow or not follow.

Time Traders Club is a peer-to-peer skills & knowledge community where you can get the right help, from people going through the same process as you – and where you can safely go knowing you are not going to get preyed upon by the self-styled “gurus” and get-rich-quick merchants.

Why Time Traders Club?

From the 100 plus interviews that Meredith Eisenberg and Jasper Blake conducted with solo entrepreneurs for their Paycheck To Passion Podcast it became clear that the main problems solo entrepreneurs encountered were:

1) Not having a concrete plan (or path) to follow

2) Not having people around them who understand what they are going through or trying to achieve

3) Getting overwhelmed by trying to do everything there is to do in a business all by themselves, and thus not ending up doing the thing they went into business to do in the first place.

The lack of a good plan led to Meredith and Jasper writing The ESCAPE Plan – 6 Steps to Leaving the Job You Hate by Creating a Business You Love. But they wanted to provide a way for solo entrepreneurs to to overcome the isolation and overwhelm factors as well. Read Jasper’s Story​

No Solopreneur Succeeds Alone!

Working with several high-level coaching clients, Meredith knew that a major factor in their creating successful businesses was having a good team of people around them. You don’t get to be a big name coach by doing all the administration of the business yourself. You need a team. By having a team to do all those admin tasks, website updates, marketing and social media etc etc, it leaves you, as the business owner, the space you need to do what you do best – in this case, coaching people.

Your Zone of Brilliance

Time Traders Club allows you to spend more time in your zone of brilliance - when you are doing your best work you are not only happier, you are earning more money.

Staying up to 2am trying to edit the PHP code on your website is only going to sap your energy and drive you crazy, but you are also depriving someone else of being in their zone of brilliance. Trading your skills for theirs means you become better and more successful faster and with less stress and hassle and a lot more joy.

Through that success, you become an example and an inspiration to countless others. By becoming a member of Time Traders Club you are not only helping yourself to succeed, you are helping a whole many others to avoid the internet marketing minefield and make THEIR dream a reality.

This is BETTER Than Barter

Many solo entrepreneurs barter for skills, especially in the early stages of their businesses when they have more time than money to spend. That’s great if the person you are bartering with has something you need, but more often the situation is that they want what you have, but you don’t need what they have to offer in return. It’s not ideal.

With Time Traders Club it doesn’t matter. Someone who needs what you offer pays you with a time credit (called HOURS). Then, you can spend the HOUR you earned with a different member who has the skills you need. It is great for gaining knowledge, trying out potential permanent team members, trying out new offerings, even for getting those all important first testimonials!

Everyone's HOUR is Worth the Same

Everyone’s HOUR is worth the same in Time Traders Club, regardless of what you charge for services in normal monetary terms. There is no monetary equivalent to what an “HOUR” is for anyone. This is so that it doesn’t become taxable under the current IRS rules. As soon as you assign a value to what an HOUR is worth it immediately becomes taxable exchange.

Think of “HOURS” as pay-it-forward type credits – donations of expertise that are logged and reciprocated as per individual needs. If you think that your time is more valuable than someone else’s then Time Traders Club is probably not for you.

You Can't Pay Your Rent With HOURS

One objection we hear from people all the time is “I’m fed up with giving away my time for free – i need to earn money.” We certainly understand the need to make money – you can’t buy food or pay the rent with HOURS. And we are not attempting to replace cash transactions with time trades.

This is an Exchange of "Capital"

The first thing to understand is that you are not giving away your time for free. If you are a business coach, your knowledge, that you use to help others, is your capital - it is what people pay the big bucks for, because it saves them a lot of wasted time, effort and money.

The same principle applies in a TTC exchange. Just because we are exchanging knowledge for credits rather than money, does not mean it is worth any less. This is not Fiverr, where you expect to get expertise on the cheap. This is an exchange of knowledge from one peer to another, where everyone’s knowledge is valued the same. 

You may only need someone to show you how to get the most out of your new iPhone, but that is still knowledge that will save you many hours of wasted effort. What are those hours worth to you?

Paying "Real Money"

We are not expecting people just to trade for HOURS.

It is perfectly reasonable to trade an HOUR for consultation and then go on to negotiate a fee for the actual work as you would do with any client. What the time trade will do is get you in front of potential new, fee-paying clients.

Note: monetary transactions fall outside the remit of Time Traders Club – there are no mechanisms to facilitate transactions beyond the trading of HOURS.

Only Commit To What YOU Can Do

The number of HOURS you offer is entirely up to you. Offering 2 HOURS a month on a first-come-first-served basis is perfectly acceptable, for example. Just let people know that you are offering limited HOURS on your listing.

People Do Business With People They Know, Like & Trust

I’m sure you have all heard that phrase many times. That is because it is true – that’s how it works. A big part of being a Time Traders club member is the fact that it gives a lot of potential clients the opportunity to get to know, like and trust you. That is one of the reasons we place so much emphasis on providing good personal profiles. People are going to gravitate to those who help potential clients get to know them. I know that if I have a choice between contacting someone with a profile, and someone with the same skills but no profile – I’m going to choose the person with a profile, because I feel I know them better because of it.

After you complete an exchange, the person receiving providing help can ask for a review/testimonial. Each new testimonial will be added to your profile so it is very easy for other members to see who is known, liked and trusted.

Find Your Team

We often hear solo entrepreneurs say how difficult it is to find the right team members. Time Traders Club provides an excellent opportunity to try out potential full or part-time team members by getting small tasks done for time trades. If you like them and their work, then you can negotiate an ongoing fee-based hiring contract.

The Power of Collaboration

Most of us are working on our own, and being a solopreneur can be really scary.

But collaboration is very powerful. It is a lot more fun, and it is the best way to eliminate stress and overwhelm.

It is not just a choice between competition and collaboration – it is a choice between struggle and ease. It is a choice between lack and abundance. It is a choice between protecting yourself in a cruel world, and living your passion in a big way that serves your mission.

Are you seeing what a game-changer this could be for you?