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Your Website - 
Lead Magnet or Lead Loser?!

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Whether you are just starting out and contemplating what you should do for a website - or if you have been in business a while and wonder whether your website is working for you, or maybe even against you, then this workshop is for you.

You learn the answers to the questions we hear all the time such as:

  • Why does my business need a website?
  • How much money should I spend to get my website up and running?
  • Should I use one of those free builders and just do it myself?
  • How can I make sure that people will find my website right away?
  • What should I include on my website? 

Already have a website?  We'll show you how to make what you have work better.

Time Traders Club Lab: 
Your Website - Lead Magnet or Lead Loser?!

At the end of the three week lab, you’ll have:
A  clear idea of the essential elements of a good website
A review of your website to see whether it can be working better for you
Get a definitive understanding of platforms, functionality, security, and content so your website becomes a lead magnet and not a liability.

About Your Instructor

I’m Meredith - I have been helping solopreneurs create thriving businesses online for the past 10 years. In addition to being the co-founder of Time Traders Club, I am a coach in a high-end social media marketing mastermind and Inc 500 company. My passion is marketing and I love sharing what I know with you.

Why is this different?

Time Traders Club Labs are a way to get a workshop or intensive experience at price point you can afford. Even if you decide NOT to join the Lab and take this course a la carte, you’ll be buying a small group one-on-one workshop experience - not just a video and a workbook.

Here's what you'll learn

    • What kind of website you need for each stage of your business
    • How to choose the best platform for your website so you are not wasting time & money on something that doesn't work for you
    • Whether you should use a free website service such as Wix or Weebly - the hidden costs of free website services.
    • How much money you should spend on a website - how not to get ripped off.
    • Whether you need to have your website professionally designed - does it make a difference?
    • What should the layout be in order to make your website effective?
    • What content should you have on your website - secrets to getting your content actually read
    • How do you drive traffic to your website
    • How you can tell if people are looking at your website - or not - tracking your website audience
    • How you can capture people's name and email - to build your email list
    • How you can add social proof so people see how credible you are right away
    • How you can make sure your website is secure from hackers.

The Price

There are two ways to get a seat in this month’s lab.

Join Time Traders Club Lab for $19 a month.
You’ll get access to this month’s course, plus any future courses as long as you are a member.  Plus, you’ll have access to Time Traders Club so that you can get help putting your plan into action.

Take the class by itself for $27. This is still a great deal. Just click the button below.


You understand that just creating the plan is not going to change your business one bit.
You need to commit to sticking with what you create.
We all want instant results - but - this Lab is for people who have realized that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that moving consistently in one direction will get the job done.
You believe in more than just making money (Time Traders Club is ALL about helping people make a difference in the world)

If you are already a Lab member, the class is available for free on your account page. ​Otherwise you can sign up and get the recording for just $27 - and you can still get your website reviewed as part of the package.


Just PM me via the Facebook Group or email meredith [at] timetraders.club and I’ll answer them…

Here are a few that I’ve seen already.

Q: Why is joining the Lab SO much less expensive than taking the class alone?
Yes, you can join the lab for 5 months for less than the cost of the Lab. There are two reasons for that. First, normally, the monthly classes are just one session and the price difference is not that great. I had so much to cover this time, I’m breaking it into a 3 part boot camp. Second, we are building a community and want to encourage people to join and take advantage of all that the Lab offers.

Q: What if my plan doesn’t work?
If I could absolutely guarantee that your plan would work, I would NOT be creating this class. Instead I would have made my fortune by now and I would be an a round the world cruise. The goal here is not to create the perfect plan, but to teach you how to create a plan, how to tell if it is working and how to tweak it to get back on course. The key is NOT to give up and start over, but to keep improving and tweaking until the plan works.

Q: Is there a refund?
Not really. This isn’t an expensive course (especially if you join the Lab). And, I really want people who can be part of my community not just tire-kickers who want to learn but not contribute. But, here’s what I can do. If you take the class and the material isn’t resonating for you, let me know. I’ll coach you via email (or even by phone) to make sure what I'm saying makes sense for you and your business.


Click the button below for sign up.

PS I am serious about keeping this small - so grab your space now.