The Most Valuable Email List You Can Have

The most valuable list you can build as an online marketer is your customer list. On average, you will see much higher sales rates when you’re emailing an offer to a customer list than if you send that same email to a free subscriber list. Your customers already know, like and trust you. They have shown that by purchasing from you. It only makes sense then to email your existing customers on a regular basis to get them to buy again and again.

Here are some ways to leverage your customer list to get more sales.

Email Your Customers About New Product Launches

The first and most obvious thing to do is to email your customer list anytime you launch a new product. Keep your current customers in mind as you think about creating new products and service. What can you create or offer to serve them and help them reach that next step. What do they need to reach your goals?

When you take the time to create products that serve your current customer base, you should see high conversion rates anytime you email that list with a new offer.

Set Up Special Deals For Your Customers

Show your customers how much you appreciate them by setting up special deals for things you already have in your product funnel. Look through the products you’ve created in the past and either create a special coupon for your customer list, or create a low cost bundle of a few related products. Not only will your customers get a great deal, you’re also showing them how much they are appreciated.

Promote Related Affiliate Products

If you only have one product, or you’re running out of other things of yours that are a good fit for your customer list, look around for related affiliate products. Do the legwork for them and find the best products and deals for your customers. Not only are you doing a great service to them, you’re growing your income at the same time. As an added side benefit, you may make connections with other marketers who will in turn promote you to their customer lists.

Create Upsells And One Time Offers When Someone Buys A Product

To instantly put more money in the bank with every sale you make, consider adding an upsell or one time offer to your sales funnel. The basic idea is that once a customer gets through purchasing product “A”, he comes to an offer for product “B” at a discounted rate. You want to make sure the offers are closely related and you’re promoting something your customers could also use. If they pass it up, you can follow up a day or two later via email, extending the offer one last time. Overall you should see a fair percentage of customers taking you up on the offer, thus increasing your income and the dollar amount you make per new customer on average.


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