Setting Up Your Profile

Step 1 of your path to Time Trading success is to get your profile set up so people can get to know who you are, what you do, and how our members can help you with the tasks that drive you crazy! People do business with people they know, like and trust – and your Personal Information is a huge part of people getting to know you. The following video takes you through the process of adding your personal information!

Please Note: Your profile will not show on the site until you have a listing up.

AND – you need to set your location – if you don’t the text doesn’t show up!

AND don’t forget – get your profile AND first listing up within 24 hours of signing up and we will add 2 HOURS to your time bank! Anytime after that we will add 1 HOUR on completion.

You will then receive an invitation to join the TimeTraders Club members Facebook group.

Its a quick and easy way to gain HOURS so you can start trading and networking with other members right away! Let’s go!

The formatting conventions as described in the video:

### Headline

[Note: The link called “Personal Info” on the video has since been changed to “Profile” for clarification]


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