The Secret To Reading Your Ideal Client’s Mind…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball and the ability to read your ideal client’s mind? You would always know what to write about and you wouldn’t be staring at a blank computer screen trying to figure what to write on your blog or next email. Your products would sell like hotcakes because you would know exactly how to help your audience, what problems you solve for them, how to entertain them and keep them engaged.

Yes, if you could read minds, you would have a very successful business.

Choosing the right topics though can be a bit hit and miss… until you figure out the secret. The secret to online marketing success is to listen to your readers, read between the lines, and then help them reach their goals. You don’t really need to be a mind reader. Your audience will actually tell you what they are looking for. They just don’t always spell it out for you. And that’s ok.

Here’s the deal.

Before we can figure out what our potential customers need, we’ve got to get them talking. One of the best ways to do that is via email. Encourage your readers to hit reply and ask questions. Ask them to share their stories, their struggles, and what they want to accomplish. You’ll learn a lot about your target audience as you read through these replies and start one-on-one conversations with your readers.

It won’t take long before you start to see certain themes emerge. Whenever you notice the same question popping up again and again, you know you have a great topic for an epic blog post or a variety of different types of contents. Address it, answer your prospects questions and overcome their objections.

Pay particular attention to their problems and anything they seem to struggle with. Those are the topics and issues you want to create products around if you can. How can you help your customers overcome that issue? What service can you offer to make things easier and help them reach the next step towards their goal?

Pay attention to the emails you get from your subscribers and encourage your readers to email you in the first place. Treating email marketing as a one way form of communication is short-sighted and it can be a costly mistake. Take advantage of the two-way nature of this form of communication and engage with your subscribers. It will help you grow your business and serve your target market better.


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