Offering Your Skills – How To Create a Listing

You came here to get help right? Here we take you through the process of putting up your first listing – where you offer a particular skill set to others. You earn HOURS from members who need your skills – you spend those HOURS with members who have the skills YOU need.

Note: At least one image is required for a listing – so have that ready to load, or it won’t let you post your listing! [You can add up to 5 images – useful for graphic/web designers etc – use the image to attract people to your listing. It might be a picture of you, or what you do. See other people’s listings to get ideas.]

Double Note: While you are logged into your account the green purchase box, the yellow purchase button, and the “Contact Seller” link will not appear in your sidebar – you can’t buy from yourself. To see what these look like on your listing, log out, then view the listing.

Triple Note: Although visible to the public, any attempt to purchase will take non logged in viewers to the login screen.

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