Making a Trade

You have just found the member with just the skills you need to get you unstuck – lets run through the process of how to make the trade and spend those HOURS!
Quick Overview:

  1. Contact seller to agree the work and the number of HOURS – negotiate a deal or buy directly.
    (Either side can request to cancel prior to the work being started).
  2. Seller does the work for the buyer.
  3. Seller marks the “job” as “Delivered”
  4. Buyer agrees (or not), that the job is complete and gives a review & 1 – 5 star rating (Seller shows task “Complete Pending Review).
  5. With the review completed the task is marked as complete and the HOURS are transferred from buyer to seller.

In detail:

Once you have found someone with the skills you need you can either click the purchase button directly – or you can contact the seller to negotiate exactly what you need and how many HOURS (or dollars) that will cost. If you want to find out more about the person offering the skills, you can do that too.






Either side can request cancellation prior to the work starting.




No Cancellations – Work Completed

For the most part the trade will take place as negotiated. Once the task is completed the seller marks the job as “Delivered”.




The buyer needs to confirm that the task has been done as agreed and “delivered”. They will be asked to complete a review of the “job” and give a rating of between 1 – 5 stars. Once that is done the task will be considered as “Completed” and the promised HOURS will be transferred from buyer to seller.

My-ratings-boxA 5 star rating:





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