Labor Day Special: 7 Online Timesavers

Ah… Labor Day. Back when I was growing up, Labor Day was all about “getting back to work” – going back to school. Now, that the school start date seems to have crept back further each year (this year was August 8 for us) – the meaning isn’t quite there any more.

Labor Day was created by the labor unions in the late 1800’s to celebrate the contributions of American workers. So… in honor of you and your hard work (whether you are an American worker or hail from somewhere else), I would like to share my top labor saving online apps.

1. Lead Pages Most people think of Lead Pages as an easy way of creating nice enough but not terribly customizable web pages. That’s true but that is not why it make the “labor saving” list. One of LeadPages most powerful features (that nobody talks about) is the ability to set up lead magnet delivery within LeadPages itself. You can deliver the lead magnet on as many pages as you want. So, this makes it easy to set up quick opt-ins on your page. You can even direct everyone to one master list in your autoresponder rather than making a new list for each opt-in page.

2. Active Campaign Active Campaign is an e-mail autoresponder service like Aweber or Infusionsoft. Unlike Aweber, it offers automation (if someone performs an action, or meets a criteria, they get moved from one list to another list. It also includes a CRM that allows you to track people as they move through stages in your sales process. Moving someone from one state to another can also set off a particular sequence. Huge time saver. Plans start for as little as $9 a month.

3. Schedule Once Since my business is 100% virtual, I spend a lot of time talking with people on the phone. Scheduling meetings virtually can be very time consuming. I have saved a lot of time and headache since I started using ScheduleOnce. Instead of e-mailing back and forth (and forgetting to put something in my calendar), I send a link. The person chooses two times – I pick the best of those two. Really easy – and has saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

4. Zapier Zapier is the C3PO of the online world. It helps all of your various apps talk to each other. For example, if somebody buys a product, we have a routine set up in zapier to add them to our Active Campaign list. No programming is necessary – if you can do Word – you can do this. No more copying data by hand between apps. HUGE time saver 🙂

5. Web Mission Control Until recently, one of the biggest time sucks in my business was troubleshooting when something went wrong with my website. Now, I have a back up and my online life is so much less stressful. Web Mission Control has two plans – they can host your site, or they can manage it for you – both plans are only $20 a month (less if you pay annually). I consider myself fairly technical – but Web Mission Control has been a big time saver for me.

6. Webinar Jam Have you ever tried to set up a google hangout. It is supposed to be easy – but there are steps… Webinar Jam makes the whole process – from setting up your pages, to sending out reminder e-mails, to tracking who attended and who didn’t really easy.

7. Buffer Buffer helps you manage your social media – you can easily slot things in your Buffer to be delivered via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I only use the basic features, but have been impressed with how the service keeps developing and adding features.

and of course – Time Traders Club. Why spend any time doing work outside your zone of brilliance. Instead of spending hours figuring out how to do tasks that aren’t your main business – why not trade with someone who loves that task. Give what you can – get what you need – everybody wins!

Ellen Finkelstein says September 8, 2015

This is a great list & I’ll check out some of the tools you mention. I’ve just started using AWeber for one of my lists & it does key you move someone of one list if they join another one. I use timetrade for my calendar scheduler & like it & Hootsuite to send & schedule social media posts.

    meredith eisenberg says September 8, 2015

    Ellen – Active Campaign goes a little deeper. You move tag people to list based on clicks on the e-mail, whether they’ve visited pages on your site, etc. Very powerful. Aweber is good too – we have a list or two still on that service 🙂

MJ Schrader says September 8, 2015

Love your suggestions. I have couple services I recommend that help save labor and time as well. 🙂

ManageWP allows you to update several WordPress websites in just one click. While I still prefer to login to the actual website for blog posting, I can do all the posts online from Manage WP as well.

Feedly Rather than visit multiple blogs, read multiple updates all my favorite blogs are gathered in one place for a quick review of article title and the first few lines. I can click to read more … or to go to the post on the site. I admit it… I have 4 different emails with 4 different purposes… but all my newsletters and updates go to one email, and unroll me allows me to “roll up” several newsletters into one for a quick glance over, or to quickly unsubscribe without hunting down multiple unsubscribes.

Glena Stephenson says September 8, 2015

I use toggl to help me manage my time and it intefaces with Google Calendars and Asana (a project manager). I review Toggl either daily or weekly to see where I’m spending too much time and where I need to be more efficient.

Stephanie says September 8, 2015

I’m looking forward to using Active Campaign and was happy to see that you recommend it. I just found them in the last two weeks. I’m also using NIMBLE for CRM.

dinaeisenberg says September 9, 2015

Can’t wait to try all of these- productivity is my thing.

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