Hi there... Welcome to Time Traders Club!

Thank you for checking out Time Traders Club.  We are a collaborative Time Bank for expert solopreneurs.  In other words, you help other people and get "time credits or hours" that you can use to get the help and expertise YOU need in your business.  It's a very smart way of getting things done - for smart people like you...

​Here's a quick video to show you what we are all about:


Search the Time Traders Club for a member who can help you in your business.

Contact them and get access the skills and expertise you need.


Create a listing on the site and respond when someone asks for help.

Get credits for the hours you work in the time bank to use to get more things done in YOUR business.

Time Trading is a great way to build your referral network!

Here's how it works...

There are three ways to get involved...


Don't need to trade hours - but want to be part of a supportive community?  Join our FREE Facebook group.

  • Support and networking with other smart solopreneurs in our Facebook group.
  • Arrange skill trades within the Facebook group only
  • No listing on Time Traders site.
  • Cannot earn hours for trades to use with other members.


Time Trader

Get the help you need, and create a steady referral stream for your business with our basic annual membership.

  • Get access to the expertise of 300+ members through the Time Traders site.
  • Get "hours" for trades that you can use with any member of Time Traders Club.
  • Earn Time Traders hours simply by being active and engaged in the community.
  • Meet Time Traders from your community at local meet ups.
  • No access to Time Traders TimeSaving Templates
  • No access to member classes.
  • No access to the Time Traders concierge

$3 / month
(paid annually - $36 total)

The Lab

Feel overwhelmed by the amount of online business information out there? Want to get what you need all in one place. Time Traders Lab was created just for you.

  • Get personal attention as part of our live, hands-on small group workshops.
  • Checklists and templates on each month's topic.
  • Get things done in our monthly virtual co-working events.
  • Access to the expertise of 300+ members through our Time Bank
  • Get "hours" for trades that you can use with other members.
  • Access to the Time Traders concierge to connect you with the expertise you need.
  • Get first priority for earning hours for Time Traders Club activities.

$19/ month

(paid monthly)


    Yes! We have members who are accountants, coaches, designers, copywriters, virtual assistants, web designers and more. The best way to know if Time Traders will work for you - is to join and check it out for yourself. Also, Time Traders Club is a one to many network - so you can do work for a member for credits - and use those credits with another member.
    You can't pay the rent by trading hours. Doing exchanges is a great way to meet referral partners, future clients and future vendors. You'll meet more people - and earn more social proof while saving money - it is a win-win!
  3. HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT THAN BARTERING?   Traditional bartering means that you exchange one to one with someone else -- but it's hard to find a perfect match for someone who needs what you offer and who offers what you need at that time.   Time Traders Club is a network, that means that you can earn credits and redeem them with ANYONE else in the network.  Give what you have. Get what you need. Simple.
  4. WHAT IS THE LAB?   Many of our members were telling us that they were overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information out there about marketing their business online.  We listened.  As a member of the lab, you'll get a "just-right" sized amount of information (checklist and hands-on workshop) to keep making progress with your marketing while still having time to enjoy life.
  5. WHO IS TEACHING THE LAB WORKSHOPS?  Classes in the Lab are taught by our Expert Members.  Expert membership is an invitation-only Time Traders Club level for experienced members only that provides additional exposure and services.
John Doe UI/UX Designer

 I needed some advice on improving audio for my webinars & got great results. I did an in-depth website review for someone. Now I'm at up for a session on Friday for some help with split testing a sales page.