What if I get no reply?

We strive to help our members get the help they need when they need. However, occasionally, someone will seek to purchase a service and not get a response from a member. Sometimes, members might be busy, or may miss the message for whatever reason.

Here are the steps to take:

1) Message them again via the Contact Seller link on the site.

2) See if you can contact them via the Time Traders Club Member’s Facebook Group.

3) See if they have a website listed in their profile and contact them through that, either through the contact details they give on the site, or maybe via their social media profiles – Twitter is easiest because you can @message them.

If, having attempted to connect with the member by various means and yet are still unsuccessful, then you should inform Admin immediately by emailing [email protected]
We shall attempt to make contact with the member and inform them that you are trying to purchase their listed offer. If we are unsuccessful, we shall deactivate the listing.

People do move on and forget that they have a listing up with us – but is important for the membership of the site that listings are current and available. If you find one that isn’t, please inform us and we will deactivate it.

If you, yourself, know that you are going to be unavailable to accept requests, then please deactivate your listing under “My Listings” in your account profile – even if it is for a limited time.