Finding Members With the Skills You Need

Where are you stuck? What do you need most help with – right now?
The Time Traders club site is based on the premiss of “you need what you need when you need it.” And when you need it is, you go looking for it – right?
Its all about search – which is why your listings need to be posted with those searching for YOUR skills in mind – good titles, good tags, and a clear and concise explanation of what you are offering for trade.

There are several ways to search for members/skills:

  1. Search in the search box at the top (there is a bigger version on the home page) – where it says “Search for services here”
  2. You can click on the “Search For Skills” link in the green navbar
  3. Or you can search by category by clicking the “All Categories” link in the green navbar – this will open up a page where all the categories are listed, along with a number in brackets that indicates how many listings have been created in that category.

When you click on the Search for Skills link you get an opportunity to filter results by a variety of factors:


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