Email Marketing Challenge 26 – Don’t Be Afraid To Point Out Flaws

One of the best things when you’re reviewing products or services and recommending them as an affiliate is to point out the flaws. I’m serious. So often when we sit down to write a product recommendation email, or crafting a solo email for a promo, we focus only on singing the praises of the product or service we want our readers to buy. It’s normal and natural for us to point out all the amazing features and the awesome results other customers are getting. While that’s certainly an important part of any promo or review email, there’s a big reason why you want to point out the ugly or what doesn’t work as well… it makes you sound more credible.

Let’s face it, even the best products out there, for anything, aren’t perfect. It’s your job as an advocate for your audience and your subscribers to point out those flaws. Not only will it help you build trust with your readers and help you turn this into a long-term business, it also makes your reviews and recommendations sounds more believable. Obviously you don’t have to focus on the flaws only and shouldn’t. Talk up why you like and recommend a specific product or service and why you think it will work well for your subscribers. Then sprinkle in what you don’t like about it.

The most effective ways to point out any flaws in something you recommend and still close the sale is to use a simple two step approach. Start by telling them what you don’t like about it, and then – this is important – show them how to overcome the flaw. When you can do that, not only do you earn the trust of your potential buyers, you’re also going the extra mile for them and helping them solve yet another problem … how to make this work for them.

There are various different ways in which you can help overcome flaws. Which one you choose will vary from product to product and situation to situation. In some instances, it will be as simple as sharing a little tip. Other times, you may recommend a second, (hopefully inexpensive) product or service that fills the gap. By far my favorite strategy is creating a bonus for my subscribers that will help them overcome the flaw. This works particularly well when there’s an information gap. Write a short report, shoot a quick video, or record an audio file that gives your people the information they need to fill the gap.