Email Marketing Challenge 25 – Help Them Reach Their Goals And Dreams

We’ve talked a lot about email marketing and becoming better email copy writers throughout this challenge so far. Today, I want to put the focus on our readers and what we need to do to ensure that our marketing and our business in general is a good fit for them. I want to shift our focus firmly onto how we can serve our customers and prospects. Why is this important? Because when we serve our customers well, and help them reach their dreams and goals, they will be happy long-term customers who are ready to buy again and again.

The goal then is to help your readers reach their goals and make their dreams come true. There are a couple of things you need to know before this can happen. First and foremost you need to know your target audience. You need to know them really well and what it is that connects them and brings them to you. In other words, you don’t need to know every single detail about each of them, but you need to know the common denominator and what made them sign up for your list.

Next you need to find out what goals they want to reach. What are their dreams and what road do they need to follow to make them come true? This could be losing enough weight to it into a cute swim suit this summer, or being able to keep up with the kids on the playground and staying healthy. Or maybe it’s generating enough income from their blog to pay for a summer vacation…or quite the day job. You know your niche, now get to know your customers and subscribers and figure out exactly what they want.

From there your job is to do your research and figure out how you can help them reach their goals. What’s the first step they need to take on this road towards their dreams? Share that with them along with any tips and tools you have or know of that will help them make that happen. Then work with them on the next step on this journey.

Some of what you share with your readers will be free content. Some will be paid. You may get to the point where you’ll help them more directly through group coaching or even one-on-one mentoring. Both of those will likely be paid programs. Along the way you will monetize your business by creating products that are a good fit, or finding them and recommending them as an affiliate. That’s how you build a successful information business that will serve you and your customers for years to come.