Email Marketing Challenge 23 – The Importance Of Congruency In The Sales Funnel

Today I have a very important copywriting and marketing concept to share with you. It may not seem like much of a big deal at first, but trust me, it makes a huge difference in your conversion rates and thus your sales. What is this big concept? It’s the idea of being congruent throughout the entire sales funnel.

Email marketing is a big part of your sales funnel, but there are other parts to it including your opt-in page to get your readers on your list in the first place. Going back even further, there’s everything you’re doing to get them on your list and the lead magnet you may be offering in exchange for their email. On the other end of that funnel is the offers you’re presenting to your list.

By definition, congruency is the quality or state of agreeing, coinciding, or being congruent. You also often hear the word harmony in the same context. That’s a good image to visualize congruency. You want there to be harmony or flow throughout the entire marketing funnel. You want your reader to naturally flow along and move from the opt-in to the email sequence, then the sales page, the shopping cart, and finally softly land on the download page.

What you don’t want is for something to interrupt this flow. You don’t want your prospect’s head to snap up and go “what?” You don’t want them to stop and reconsider their purchase. You don’t want to create a disruption that makes them wonder if they are making the right decision. Making decisions is hard. Don’t force your readers to make them twice. Not only will it hurt your bottom line, but more importantly, it may keep your subscribers from taking that all important next step towards reaching their goals.

Don’t make them wonder if they’ve misplaced their trust in you because something doesn’t seem “right” when they are told one thing in an email and then find something different on the sales page. No one wants to feel mislead. While we don’t do it intentionally, that’s the impression we give our readers when there’s a big disconnect between the email and the sales page for example.

Take a look at your own sales funnel and the emails you’re writing for it. Does everything flow and does it make sense to go from the email to the order page, to the product itself. If it doesn’t flow, fix what you can, or if it’s outside your power to do so (because you’re promoting as an affiliate for example), skip it and find something better to promote.