Email Marketing Challenge 19 – Tracking Conversions

One of the best things about a good auto-responder service is all the data it provides you with when it comes to email marketing. Are you keeping track of your conversions? How about split testing emails, subject lines and the likes. There’s a lot to be learned from what makes your subscribers open and email and click a link, to when they tend to unsubscribe. Each data point has a new lesson if you look close enough. What you learn from your data and reports is what will make you a better email marketer who knows his or her list and niche.

Yes, there’s a lot of general information you can learn about becoming better at email marketing. But at the end of the day, we all work in different niches and we each have a very unique target audience that decides to sign up for our lists. It’s being able to get better at marketing to them that makes the biggest difference in your online business. By following the data and improving conversions you’ll do exactly that.

Spend some time learning what your auto-responder service can track for you. Try different techniques when it comes to email frequency, subject lines, and even the style and content of your email. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference even small changes can make. You may find that you get a much better open rate when you clearly state in the subject line that this is your weekly deal email. Or you may get much better click through conversions on the links in your emails when you include a picture of yourself since that builds trust. Don’t take my word on these techniques but instead try various different things and strategies yourself and see what works best for you and your list.

Learn more about tracking conversion and the different tools out there outside of what your autoresponder service provides. Track behavior from the email all the way through your website and shopping cart. Read up on conversions and what you can try. Go back to your swipe file and figure out what other smart email marketers are testing and trying. If you see a weird new email subject line idea, tweak it and try it for yourself. If you see someone going back to plain text emails, try it and see what results you get. Keep trying new techniques and approaches, track your conversions and keep what works well for you and gives you the results you’re looking for.