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Email Marketing Challenge 7 – How Often Should You Mail?

One of the most frequent questions new email marketers ask is how often they should mail their list. The answer is probably more frequently than you think. Of course email frequency depends on a lot of different factors. How much helpful and useful information do you have to share? What do your readers expect from […]

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Webinar on Zoom

Which Webinar Host?

So, you are ready to give your first webinar?  Your question is “what webinar hosting platform will work best for me?”  Over the past 8 years, I have helped produce hundreds of webinars for clients and for myself.   It used to be that the choices were pretty much limited to Go To Meeting – to […]

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Quick Guide On Pricing

I have launched numerous products, websites, businesses online and have gotten stuck on the price portion many times. The good news is that this is a good problem because a lot of people do not even get to this stage. So pat yourself on the back and now its time to supercharge your momentum. Because […]

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Should I blog?

Should you be blogging for your business? The answer is YES! Here’s why…

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How to Recycle Your Webinar

You’ve spent weeks creating and filling your webinar. Now that you’ve had the webinar, are you just going to let all that hard work go down the drain? Yes, you can set the webinar up as “evergreen” or instant replay, but doesn’t it seem a waste to spend all the time and effort getting ready […]

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How To Create a Webinar (Here are the tools you need)

You keep receiving webinar invites in your inbox, on Facebook, at you local networking meeting.   You get the “after report” e-mail about how they had a thousand attendees. Why haven’t you started offering webinars in your business? Is it because it seems like it would be too expensive or too technically difficult?   And, […]

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4 Super Easy Steps To Create Your First Online Product

One of the very first things that you need to do when creating an online business is creating something to sell.   After all, money needs to change hands somewhere if you are going to have a business and not a public service blog. Creating your first product can seem very overwhelming – after all […]

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Our New Book is Nearly Completed

We are the midst of a revolution. Our society is going through a seismic shift.  The shift is as big (if not bigger) that the shift that happened during the industrial revolution.  Before the industrial revolution, people lived in smaller towns, they had their own tools, grew their own food, generally traded their special skills […]

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How To Create An Opt-In Form

How To Create An Opt-In Page

You’ve worked really hard on your new freebie.  You’ve spent time hanging out with your audience, you know what they want – so now you’ve created something to give them in exchange for signing up for your list.  Uh oh. Creating an opt-in form is probably one of the first technical hurdles a passionate entrepreneur […]

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