Social Media (TimeSaving Template Collection)

The online world sure has changed. Where you used to only have be concerned about filling your
own website with content, now there are so many social media sites where your audience
gathers. It’s easy to open a Facebook, Twitter or a Pinterest account, but keeping it full of useful
content is a whole other matter. That’s what this month’s template package is all about.

Social Media Collection (All PDF files unless otherwise stated)

Social Media Management Brainstorming Sheet
Insider Guide to Social Media Content
Social Media Planner
Social Media Content Planner (.docx)
Social Media Image & Post Guidelines


Blab Checklist
Facebook Checklist
Facebook Live Checklist
Google Plus Checklist
Instagram Checklist
LinkedIn Checklist
Pinterest Checklist
Snap-Chat Checklist
Twitter Checklist


Facebook Post Template

Hootsuite Bulk Scheduling
Hootsuite Bulk Scheduling – Instructions
Bulk Schedule Sample (.txt)
Bulk Schedule Sample (.csv)
Social Media Management Checklist