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My 5 favorite blog posts on blogging

Posted on May 20th, 2015 by meredith eisenberg

Blogging is a great way to bring visitors to your website and to establish your authority.  A good blog can build your business. 1. Do you have blogging writer’s block?  This post from Derek Halpern’s Social Triggers Blog outlines the perfect blog post.  I find myself going to this post again and again when I am […]

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Stop Creating Fake Customer Personas!

Posted on May 18th, 2015 by meredith eisenberg

Meet Marge.  Marge is in her mid-40’s and is just starting her internet business.  She is worried about paying the bills because she has just divorced.  She has brown hair and blue eyes and like to wear Lulemon (but can’t afford it any more). Hate to say it, but Marge is a scam!  She doesn’t […]

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Product-O-Matic: Choose the right product for your business

Posted on May 16th, 2015 by meredith eisenberg

  Have you created a product that has fallen flat on it’s face?  The major product flop seems to be a bit of a rite of passage for entrepreneurs who sell their expertise online. It seems natural to START your online business by creating something to sell.  After all you don’t have a business unless […]

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Our New Book is Nearly Completed

Posted on May 14th, 2015 by Jasper Blake

We are the midst of a revolution. Our society is going through a seismic shift.  The shift is as big (if not bigger) that the shift that happened during the industrial revolution.  Before the industrial revolution, people lived in smaller towns, they had their own tools, grew their own food, generally traded their special skills […]

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How To Create An Opt-In Page

Posted on April 25th, 2015 by meredith eisenberg

You’ve worked really hard on your new freebie.  You’ve spent time hanging out with your audience, you know what they want – so now you’ve created something to give them in exchange for signing up for your list.  Uh oh. Creating an opt-in form is probably one of the first technical hurdles a passionate entrepreneur […]

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How to Turn Your Facebook Fans Into Leads and Customers

Posted on March 31st, 2015 by meredith eisenberg

One of the top questions on our “How We Grew Our Page to 2000 Fans webinar”  was basically “so what?”.  Yes, having a well-liked page is good for credibility and for SEO… but how do you actually turn those fans into people on our mailing list and paying customers?  Here are a few ideas. Lead […]

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So Long Google Helpouts

Posted on February 13th, 2015 by meredith eisenberg

Google announced today that it was going to be closing down Google Helpouts in April. Google Helpouts allowed people with a WIDE variety of talents and skills (from electricians, to home remodelers, to language teachers, to ukulele players and everyone in between) to open a virtual office to consult via clients worldwide via google hangout. […]

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Can you really make $10K a month from your cell phone?

Posted on June 20th, 2010 by meredith eisenberg

Can you really make $10K with your iphone? An unbiased review of Ryan Deiss’ and Kate Buck’s Let’s Get Social course.

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Is Headway Really Any Easier?

Posted on June 19th, 2010 by meredith eisenberg

Is Headway really a better and easier way to put together a Word Press-based website? I recently put the   Headway Theme through its paces constructing a site for one of my clients – India Think Consulting. India Think is a cross-cultural communication consulting firm that helps Americans navigate the often very muddy cultural waters of […]

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Traffic Geyser and Become A Blog Consultant Are Both Good But Not the Same

Posted on April 17th, 2010 by meredith eisenberg

I received an e-mail today from Lynette Chandler of complaining that the big gurus are launching a program that is *very* similar to the Become A Blog Consultant from Kelly McCausey.  She wasn’t accusing them of plagarism only that the idea the gurus are promoting isn’t exactly new or revolutionary. Only the “guru program” ( […]

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