Associate Members

Thank you for supporting Time Traders Club!  As an Associate Member, we are excited to partner with you to get more exposure for you and your business within Time Traders Club and beyond.

We’ve created a list of your elite perks here so that you can easily take advantage of them (we hope you do!)

Questions?  E-mail us at [email protected] and ask away 🙂

Promote Your Events/Content

We would love to showcase YOU.  Here’s how to get in front of our audience:


  • Have lesson to share that resulted from a trade? If you learned a valuable lesson that has helped you in your business as a result of a trade, something that other could benefit from, tell us that story in a blog post or video. Benefit others whilst providing a great testimonial for the member who traded their expertise with you. Submit your blog post.
  • Promote your event/launch/product We love to share what our members are doing!  Use this form to submit your event to us.  We will promote via social media and (time permitting) our newsletter. Fill out our promotion request form here.

Time Traders Club Site Perks

In addition to extra promotion, as an Associate member, you get special benefits in our Time Traders Club system.  These benefits will help you stand out in the crowd and make it easier to get to know other Time Traders Club members and for them to get to know you.

  • Get ONE FREE HOUR added to your time bank balance every month
  • Get access to our growing MasterClass archive of over 100 hours of interviews, classes, webinars and resources – all for free
  • As an Associate member you can participate in our virtual Crowdsourced Coaching sessions – see Events – if you have a problem you need sorting, email [email protected] and volunteer for one of our 2 places per session to pose your problem to the crowd and get instant answers in return. For example, need a name for a new product – crowdsource it!
  • Need accountability? Email [email protected] and ask to be teamed up with two other members and hold each other accountable via weekly meetings.
  • You are also eligible to be promoted to Time Traders Club Expert Level (by invitation) – incl featured listings, joint webinars, the ability to include your classes in our business masterclass library & much more. To be be invited you need to be active on the site via trades, referrals, promoting us and generally being a great advocate for all things Time Traders Club!

    Make Money As an Accelerator Expert.  Time Traders Club will be holding occasional “get it done in a weekend” events. Expert members will be chosen according to the skill-sets requested by participants. You may need to be available to attend in person unless it is a virtual accelerator, but these will be paid events for those chosen to participate – only available to Expert members!

  • Get Access to the Virtual Meeting Rooms so you can video chat with other members.
    These are Zoom chat rooms – if you haven’t used Zoom before just click on the ‘Launch Application’ tab when you click on the meeting room link. You can use your computer’s camera & audio, or use a headset with microphone, or you can even call in via phone. You can also share your screen if using your computer. If you want the meeting to be recorded you can click the record button – but in order to retrieve the recording you will need to request it from admin – please email [email protected] stating the date and time of the meeting and which meeting room you were using.
  • Make it easier for people to get to know you by adding videos to your listings – making it easier for people to get to know, like and trust you.The videos need to be hosted on YouTube and the link added to the appropriate box on the Add listing page.
  • Add upgrades to your listing. (See FAQs on how to do this).  For example, if you are offering webinar coaching – you can add an upgrade that for an additional hour, you’ll help someone set up their registration page.