Ariëlle’s Time Traders Club Experience

User AvatarAlthough I’ve only been a free Time Traders Club member since August 20th, 2016, I already had a great experience. Thanks to the Time Traders Club and connecting with the members both online and locally, I will become a published author in 2016 and also in 2017! I have always wanted to do this and thanks to The Soulful Pen and the Soulspiration program I am finally going to be an author again like my famous grandfather and my mother!

Our book “100 Voices” launches on Kindle for $1.00 on November 22, 2016. I am looking for your support to help this team of authors reach #1 on Launch Day! Just mark down the day and I will share more information with you as the exciting moment gets closer. So just by saying hello to one of the Time traders Club members in Facebook messenger, I was invited to become an author!

I’ve been also invited to be a co-author with 19 other authors of the book “Women of Power, Purpose and Passion”, 20 Beautiful Stories of A Life Well – Lived From A Group Of Women Who Found Friendship On Facebook. The stories in this edition of the SoulSpiration Series will focus on women who have clearly and unapologetically found their power, purpose and passion in life or business. These women of power, purpose and passion are coaches, mentors or spiritual leaders. This book is being developed to be a resource for new coaches who want to learn more about OUR REAL LIFE stories on becoming a woman of power. There are three writer slots open, just ask me for more information.

Not only that, I’ve been invited to review a soon to be published book and encouraged to start my own second solo book, which I plan to be published in 2017 as well.

One of the Time Trade Club members offered a free 3-month beta group coaching program, so I’m actively participating to move my business forward. One of her Facebook group members offered free help with my website to make it accessible for disabled visitors. She also created a child theme and added my custom fonts. I gave her a testimonial for her website in return.

My big “Ah Ha” is that as long as I connect and talk to others, my wellness coaching business progresses well. I have been able to manifest a way for me to become visible and start attracting my ideal soul mate clients through getting the right support for my business. I have been able to become a published author and create passive income through royalties and being an affiliate which will help me in launching my business. In addition, I have been able to receive practical help in moving my coaching business forward. It has been also rewarding to share some of my skills to help others in their business endeavors through the Time Traders Club.

All I can say I’ve been invited to up level and transform my business and money consciousness to the highest level and I feel utterly grateful!

Ariëlle Verwey ~ Wellness Lifestyle Coach
AV Wellness Enterprises