3 Steps to Create A Gold Medal Blog Post

create a gold medal blog post

You put your heart and soul into that last blog post… and you have a sneaking feeling that nobody is reading it…

I can think of few things worse than slaving away on a juicy, meaty, helpful blog post only to have no results from your efforts. Yes, it does take time to build a blog that works, but slaving away on your keyboard for hours a day and not seeing results can make you give up on blogging WAY too soon.

Don’t do it. The reason your blog posts are not getting results actually had very little to do with the blog itself. More likely, your blog posting system can use some tweaking.

Writing a solid blog post is more than just putting words on the page. That is the middle part of the process. While what you say is important, there are three other steps that will determine the success of your blog post. You can greatly increase the odds of getting new subscribers or customers from your blog posts by creating a plan for each post that includes:

* Research – Did you know that you can increase traffic to your blog by linking to other blogs? Many blog owners will gladly promote your post to their audience if you let them know that you included them as a resource. Audiences like well-researched blog posts – the more links you have – the more authority you build for your brand.

* Call To Action – Every blog post should have *some* call to action. We have had great success offering related resources to our readers for an opt-in. This is called a content upgrade. (click here to download the content upgrade from this post – a weekly blog planner. You don’t have to offer a content ugrade tho, a call to action could be as simple as soliciting likes or comments on your post.

* Promotion Plan – Writing your blog post is only half the battle. You should easily spend as much time promoting your post as you did writing it. One of my favorite ways to promote posts is to post them on LinkedIn and in relevant Facebook groups. If you have a content upgrade on the majority of your posts, this can be a very effective way of growing your mailing list.

Well, there you have it. Three ways to create a “gold medal” blog post that gets results. The trick to creating these posts consistently is to have a plan. Would you like a copy of ours?

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